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Functional and modern environmental maintenance applications and cost-effective solutions for collecting environmental data on properties

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It is easier to evaluate the result of the work afterwards than beforehand.

A smarter environment with Jaete surface measurement sensors.

Wastebook’s Jaete sensors can now be integrated with ZeroWaste Transport Management. The sensors provide accurate information about the filling levels of the waste containers. When the filling level of the container exceeds the desired level, the sensor automatically sends an emptying request and a suggested route plan to ZeroWaste Transport Management -system. “At Enpros, we…

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Kiho and ZeroWaste begin cooperation

Kiho and ZeroWaste begin cooperation for a smarter environment and more resource-wise world! The goals of the collaboration were clear from the get-go: Kiho and ZeroWaste wanted to create a comprehensive and, most of all, easy-to-use high-quality solutions for companies that transport waste. “There was a need among our customer for a digital waste transfer…

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