Reception of materials

Processing plants

Clear systems and applications for managing transport, transfer notes and customer information.

ZeroWaste Transfer Note for reception and processing plants


How does the ZeroWaste Transfer Note work?

The simplest way is for the drivers to use the mobile app to create transfer documents for incoming or outgoing shipments, which are then stored in the processing facility’s and transport company’s views. The digitally signed transfer documents are archived in the cloud service automatically, so they can be easily accessed and do not get lost. ZeroWaste perfect for receiving a wide variety of materials. Our customers include waste, sludge and soil reception plants, for example.

How does ZeroWaste support the reception process and cargo inspection?

The field personnel can conveniently make changes and create documents related to cargo content through the Cargo Inspection app, which supplements ZeroWaste. The mobile app saves the additional details, notes and complaints related to batches as image and texxt attachment to cargo details.

How does the new Waste Act impact the transfer documents?

The new Waste Act requires transfer documents to be prepared electronically starting from the beginning of 2022. In addition to this, the information on the transfer documents must be either electronically or manually entered into the national transfer document register. Transfer documents prepared through ZeroWaste are automatically added to the register.

What kinds of reports can be created from the transfer document information?

The transfer documents are easy to use to compile digital reports on waste amounts or other desired details, such as customer-specific compilations, worksite reports or tonnages delivered to each processing plant. Report templates can also be customised into the system based on customer needs.

Will the drivers learn how to use ZeroWaste?

ZeroWaste is a very easy-to-use and agile app designed with a focus on the drivers’ user experience. This means that it can be learned quickly. Many of our customers’ drivers were not originally familiar with using a smartphone, but getting started has still been easy and organic.

How does the ZeroWaste Transfer Document app help with material receipt?

  • Saves time – no more looking for, filling in and sending paper transfer documents.
  • Generates information for reporting – waste amount and compilation reports conveniently with a few clicks.
  • Keeps documents safe – the digitally signed transfer document, which is automatically archived in the cloud service, can be e-mail to everyone with one click.
  • Smart information flow between systems – the ZeroWaste software modules can be integrated to other information and invoicing system with interface solutions, which support the use of existing software.

Deployment process:

  1. The customer orders the ZeroWaste Transfer Document solution.
  2. The requisite credentials are established for the customer’s users in the service, and the details required by the customer are linked to the system (plants, materials, transport companies etc.).
  3. The service is ready for use. We will help train the transport companies and your own employees on the use of the service. Because the service is easy to use, however, many of our customers have wanted to begin using it directly without training.
  4. After deployment, user support no more than a phone call or e-mail message away.

I am interested in ZeroWaste Transfer Document, what do I do?

Call us or send us a message. We help assess your needs and introduce you to the functionalities of the service