Kiho and ZeroWaste begin cooperation

Kiho and ZeroWaste begin cooperation for a smarter environment and more resource-wise world!

The goals of the collaboration were clear from the get-go: Kiho and ZeroWaste wanted to create a comprehensive and, most of all, easy-to-use high-quality solutions for companies that transport waste.

“There was a need among our customer for a digital waste transfer document, so we began looking for a partner with which to expand the service. We found ZeroWaste, the Finnish market leader, which convinced us with its solutions, so we decided to propose a partnership,” Kiho’s Sales Director Tomi Virtanen says.

The collaboration between Kiho and ZeroWaste enables the best and most comprehensive tools on the market for waste transport, fleet management and field work management.

“Companies that transport waste in Finland have become familiar with ZeroWaste Driving Management and Transfer Document in recent years. Through our partnership, we will also be providing Keiho products to our customers to offer an even more diverse range,” ZeroWaste’s Sales Director Juuso Aaltonen adds.

The products supplement each other and the cooperation facilitates customers’ daily reporting tasks – in addition to building a more sustainable society. ZeroWaste has helped Finnish companies build a smarter environment for a long time, and Kiho also develops its products for a more resource-wise world.

“Both companies take responsibility for the future, so this partnership is a true match made in heaven,” Virtanen says.

“Motivated teams, amazing products and a great drive – how could the end result be anything other than excellent,” Aaltonen adds.

Towards a smarter environment – let´s get to work!


Additional information:

Juuso Aaltonen
Sales Director
Enpros Oy
+358 41 539 3974

Tomi Virtanen
Sales Director
Kiho Oy
+358 41 544 2682