Digital Transfer Note

Meets the requirements of the Waste Act. Facilitates your processes and reporting. Keeps the transfer notes safe.

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ZeroWaste Transfer Note ensures that your transfer notes are easily available in digital format and there is no longer a need for paper sheets.

Digital transfer note for waste transport

The digital ZeroWaste Transfer Note is a tool that speeds up the driver’s work. The simplest way of using the system is for drivers to create transfer notes through the mobile app, which are then saved in the transport company’s system. Drivers or office employees can send digital transfer notes customers or other recipients of materials. The digitally signed transfer notes are archived in the cloud service automatically, so they can be easily accessed and do not get lost.


How does the new Waste Act impact the transfer notes?

The new Waste Act requires transfer notes to be prepared electronically starting from the beginning of 2022. In addition to this, the information on the transfer notes must be either electronically or manually entered into the national transfer note register. Transfer notes prepared through ZeroWaste are automatically added to the SIIRTO-register.

What devices can be used to access the service?

All you need for using ZeroWaste is a computer with a browser at the office and smartphones in the pockets of the drivers (Androids or iOS). As such, no separate hardware investments are required.

What kinds of reports can be created from the transfer note information?

The digital transfer notes are easy to use to compile digital reports on waste amounts or other desired details, such as customer-specific compilations, worksite reports or tonnages delivered to each processing plant. Report templates can also be customised into the system based on customer needs.

Is ZeroWaste easy to use for drivers?

ZeroWaste is a very easy-to-use and agile app designed with a focus on the drivers’ user experience. This means that it can be learned quickly. Many of our customers’ drivers were not originally familiar with using a smartphone, but getting started has still been easy and organic.


Deployment process:

  1. You just order the ZeroWaste Transfer Note solution.
  2. The requisite credentials are established for your companys users in the service, and the details required by you are linked to the system (plants, materials, etc.). The company’s customer register can now be imported into the service, if necessary.
  3. The service is ready for use. ZeroWaste can provide training in the use of the Transfer Note solution, as required. Because the service is easy to use, however, many of our customers have wanted to begin using it directly without training.
  4. After deployment, user support no more than a phone call or e-mail message away.


I am interested in ZeroWaste Transfer Note, what do I do?

  1. Call us or send us a message. We help you assess your needs.
  2. We introduce you to the functionalities of the service.
  3. We provide you with credentials for using the service.
  4. We then begin the deployment project in cooperation.

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A digital transfer document can be created easily based on customer and transport information and filled in on an Android/iOS phone or tablet. Try the service free of charge for 30 days without any commitments or fixed terms contracts.


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