A smarter environment with Jaete surface measurement sensors.

Wastebook’s Jaete sensors can now be integrated with ZeroWaste Transport Management. The sensors provide accurate information about the filling levels of the waste containers. When the filling level of the container exceeds the desired level, the sensor automatically sends an emptying request and a suggested route plan to ZeroWaste Transport Management -system.

“At Enpros, we strive to ensure that the users of ZeroWaste Transport Management always have newest technology available to reduce the CO2 emissions and costs of waste management. We have been looking for a solution for timely emptying of conteiners for our customers using sensor technology. It was a pleasure to notice that we have Wastebook’s domestic Jaete sensors in Finland, which directly met our needs.” comments by Juuso Aaltonen from Enpros Oy

“We believe that we still haven’t seen all the wide possibilities, with the combination of Jaete sensors and the ZeroWaste ERP system. More accurate waste information, lower costs and the reduction of emissions generated by logistics are constantly becoming more important.” says Heidi Happonen from Wastebook Oy.

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