ZeroWaste Transport Management

A complete enterprise resource planning system for the needs of the transport business.


What is ZeroWaste Transport Management?

ZeroWaste Transport Management is an ERP system for modern transport companies. It meets the most demanding needs related to the management of regular routes and individual transport tasks, regardless of equipment type or materials being transported. The key points in designing the system were user friendliness and customisability for each customer’s business.

Which fields and business sizes does ZeroWaste Transport Management suit best?

Thanks to its wide range of features, ZeroWaste Transport Management is particularly popular in gig and route transport in waste and environmental management, but the customisable system is perfect for increasing the efficiency of any type of transport operations. ZeroWaste Transport Management is also suitable for transport companies of all sizes. The features and scope of the system are chosen based on the company’s field, size and needs. Read more about the field specific solutions. For more details on the features, please read the field-specific presentations.

What are the most important functions of ZeroWaste Transport Management?

ZeroWaste provides an easy way to manage your company’s customer, product and pricing information, create tasks and Transport routes, organise driving arrangements and relay tasks to drivers. The drivers can use the intuitive mobile app (Android and iOS) to acknowledge their tasks. The acknowledged tasks generate finished invoicing materials. Thanks to the versatile reporting tools, you can create the requisite reports quickly and easily. You can also offer added value to your customers through ZeroWaste’s digital ordering and reporting functions.

How can ZeroWaste Transport Management benefit our company?

ZeroWaste makes work even more efficient than before. It will save considerable time in the various phases of your order and delivery chain and ensure smoother information flow. The main reason for saving time is that separate employees do not need record the same details in separate forms and systems. Instead, the information entered in the context of the order moves through ZeroWaste in real time between people and process phases. All details are also up to date and in one place for availability anywhere and anytime. ZeroWaste eliminates unnecessary paper work and back and forth telephone calls.

If you have experience with fleet management systems, ZeroWaste provides a modern, easy-to-use and reliable option to serve as your company’s new fleet management system.

  • Orders can be conveniently received and processed, since the up-to-date customer, product and pricing information is always conveniently available in one place. No more confusion and looking for information from various sources.
  • Thanks to the diverse driving organisation tools (e.g. calendar functions, map functions and work progress monitoring), resources can be used efficiently and changes can be managed easily.
  • Task distribution and information flows smoothly because assignments, including all of the relevant details, are delivered to the drivers in real time through the mobile app (Android and iOS). If necessary, drivers can add invoicing details and photos to a task.
  • Invoice circulation is also faster than before. Information about a task acknowledged by the driver is conveyed to the office in real time, after which the task can be invoiced.
  • The invoicing process is more efficient with all of the invoicing materials for the orders are formed directly based on acknowledged tasks, so invoicing details do not need to be manually transferred into the invoicing system from the delivery note, for example. All invoicing materials are available anytime and anywhere.
  • Reports can be quickly and easily created based on transport details, since all of the information is in the same system in a digital format.

What are the system requirements for using ZeroWaste Transport Management?

ZeroWaste Transport Management functions cost effectively through a mobile app (Android and iOS) and a browser-based cloud service, which means that no hardware and software installations are required. ZeroWaste can be used regardless of time and place, which provides flexibility for exceptional circumstances in day-to-day activities.

Can ZeroWaste Transport Management be integrated to our company’s other information systems?

Interface solutions can be used to integrate ZeroWaste software modules to other information and invoicing systems, which supports the use of your company’s existing software. For invoicing purposes, ZeroWaste Transport Management must be integrated into your company’s invoicing system.

What are the costs of ZeroWaste Transport Management?

The total cost is formed by the system’s deployment fee and monthly usage fee. The costs are impacted by the scope of the features and the number of users. Book a needs assessment to gain a quotation on ZeroWaste Transport Management based on your company’s needs.

How is ZeroWaste deployed?

ZeroWaste can be deployed smoothly with the help of our experts. Depending on the case, the deployment takes from a few weeks to a month and progresses as follows:

  1. Setting up a ZeroWaste service with customer-specific parameters
  2. Importing information into ZeroWaste (customer, product and pricing information, for example) as an import file or manually
  3. User training
  4. System piloting
  5. Product use and in-service support

I am interested in ZeroWaste Transport Management, what do I do?

  1. Book a needs assessment with our expert.
  2. You will be provided with a quotation after the needs assessment.
  3. Once you have accepted the offer, we will make a service agreement that will be valid until further notice.
  4. We then begin the deployment project in cooperation.

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