A smarter and more responsible environment

ZeroWaste is a part of a more responsible environment


Enpros Oy was born from the desire to bring modern and efficient digital applications to the value chain of environmental management sector (waste producers, transport companies, waste treatment plants) to guide everyday work towards more efficient and responsible operations. The aim is that the emerging ZeroWaste applications not only guide daily work, but also reduce the environmental impact of business operations and improve staff and customer satisfaction through ease of use.

Nowadays, the promotion of sustainable development is one of the core values of our software business. The desire to achieve transparency in waste management sector and corporate responsibility and cost efficiency in transportation, at the same time brings our users emission reductions, more accurate monitoring of material flows and a higher recycling rate of materials. The emissions produced by material flows and the effect of their handling methods on the recycling rate have become commonplace through the systems for transport companies as well as for organizations preparing responsibility reporting on waste.

A smarter and also more responsible environment is created with ZeroWaste applications.

We continue to work every day for the same reason, to promote the operating conditions of our customers’ circular economy through digital means. The goal is more relevant and important than ever. ZeroWaste applications for transport companies, waste producers and waste reception facilities (Transfer Note, Transport Management and Environmental Reporting) enable our customers to have cost and environmental efficiency in their business and to operate responsibly in the future as well.