The strong growth continues – the ZeroWaste systems are developing and expanding

The year 2022 was interesting, even though the previous couple of ones were by no means boring. This time, however, we were fortunately able to focus on the development of our own field, instead of global economy and its problems.

The biggest change in the operating environment has been the new Waste Act, which made digital transfer documents mandatory and necessitated conveying the transfer document information into the SIIRTO register. This change has made many transport companies deploy their first digital systems. The ZeroWaste Transfer Document has shown its strength, and it has been a joy to see it find a role in the daily activities of an increasing number of transport companies. This means that many business owners have now taken the first steps on the path of even more extensive digitalisation measures in the future.

The ZeroWaste systems (Driving Management, Environmental Reporting and Transfer Document) gained hundreds of new customers in 2022. We have strengthened our customer responsibility team has been strengthened to maintain the high quality of customer and system support. In addition to user interfaces, the product development team’s pipelines hold many features that will make day-to-day activities easier for customers. We will be very proud to introduce them this year. Our aim is to maintain our focus on environmental management software, so that our customers can be the first ones to benefit from the latest, intuitive and modern systems.

I would like to extend my humble thanks to our ZeroWaste customers and the entire staff – Enpros Oy is well-positioned to take on future challenges and the Swedish market.


“The year 2022 was better than 2021, but 2023 will be even better than that.” 
– Juuso Aaltonen, Sales Director Enpros Oy