The emptying of UFF’s collection points is handled with ZeroWaste Transport Management

Enpros and UFF have agreed on the delivery of the ZeroWaste Transport Management system for managing the emptying of UFF’s collection points. ZeroWaste Transport Management is a modern ERP system for managing regular routes and individual transport tasks – regardless of equipment type or materials being transported.

UFF is an independent Finnish foundation established in 1987, which works to promote sustainable development, the climate and global development. The aim of the operations is to recycle clothes to drive sustainable growth and fight extreme poverty across the globe. UFF supports lifelong learning by promoting education, sustainable environmental development and livelihoods in Africa and Asia. UFF’s recycling service covers the entire Finland, and the country features more than 1,500 collection points.

“We think UFF is doing great and extremely valuable work to improve people’s living conditions and the environment. Recycling and reusing are perfect for conserving natural resources and curbing unnecessary emissions. We are very pleased to be able to contribute UFF’s highly valuable efforts. Our driving management system is perfect for managing the emptying of UFF’s collection points, because these types of management arrangements were one of the focuses in the design of the application,” Juuso Aaltonen of Enpros describes.