Leading waste reporting operator Enpros Oy and market leader of responsible energy management EG EnerKey begin cooperation

Leading waste reporting operator Enpros Oy and market leader of responsible energy management EG EnerKey have begun cooperation with the aim of providing even more waste management, energy management and responsibility than ever before to the users of both companies’ SaaS services.

The responsibility agenda is becoming increasingly critical among companies, and customer want to manage increasing number of aspects more efficiently. A large part of the carbon footprint many companies is attributable to waste, which is why their management, alongside consumed utilities like energy and water that cause environmental impacts, bring ease, transparency and efficiency to demanding responsibility work.


The services supplement each other naturally

EG EnerKey will gain a strong partner in Enpros to expand its growing ecosystem. Enpros’ ZeroWaste service provides customer with waste data automatically on the EnerKey platform, so it can be viewed in the same way as energy and water consumption, for example. The ZeroWaste service also supplements EG EnerKey by providing end users with even more extensive waste management services than before. Enpros’ ZeroWaste service are a natural fit for the EG EnerKey ecosystem, encouraging customers towards more responsible business operations.

We are now able to provide customers with a unique collection of environmental information. As a well-known leader in energy management, EnerKey is an excellent software partner for us in relation to the extensive waste information we collect. The waste amounts collected and analysed through ZeroWaste an now be also displayed in EnerKey, “Enpros Oy’s Sales Director Juuso Aaltonen says.

EG EnerKey believes in shared platforms and ecosystems that combine the leading SaaS services and solutions of various operators to provide end customers with more added value than would be possible when purchasing the products separately. ZeroWaste produces concrete benefits related to waste management, and the collaboration with EG EnerKey enables a harmonised and effective service experience for the customers. The services are combined through seamless system integrations so that customers can focus on their essential responsibility efforts,” EnerKey’s Vice President of Sales and Business Jaakko Huhta says.